Founded in 1951, Rosson is constantly inspired to extend its reach in the world of energy pipeline services. Initially founded as a pipe coating materials supply and management provider, the company has further expanded its expertise in the field of coatings as well as recently reaching out into pipe supply, pipeline equipment, automatic welding systems, fabrication and machinery, and engineering services.

Rosson started out based in the United States providing pipe coating and materials supply and management in the Deep South in Louisiana and Texas. After building its reputation on similar projects, the company was soon able to secure contracts with large oil companies such as Amoco, PTT, NIOC, CNNOC, and Aramco, and gain a notable global reputation. Since the beginning, Rosson has always been associated with honesty, hard work, and excellent quality in terms of the level of service and customer satisfaction provided. Today, Rosson is still servicing the needs of many of its customers that have come back time and again for over 30 years.

Owner and Operating Director Bo Crawley has been the face of the company for many years, and has played a large part in making Rosson a familiar, well-trusted name in the pipeline services industry all over the world. Crawley secured ownership of the company in 1982 and soon after sought out to build upon its already exceptional reputation. Today the family-run business is still providing its customers with a level of commitment and service that the company was originally founded upon. Together with strategic relationships and partners, Rosson has been able to provide its services to customers in over 15 countries across the world, mainly around the MENA region. The company continues to build upon its strong foundation by adding to its depth of services provided, while maintaining its focus on following through on its customers' needs and requirements. In the future, Rosson looks to continue to seek out new areas of development across the world and continue to expand its reach as a dedicated pipeline services partner.