Our original business function, supplying and applying pipe coatings is still our area of expertise where we house the most knowledge. In the past we have supplied materials and managed facilities that have coated some of the largest pipelines in the world. We have an experienced team of professionals with extensive knowledge in every aspect of the coating business.

Internal Coatings
External Coatings
Concrete Weight Coatings
3 Layer PE
3 Layer PP
Field Joint Coatings
Custom Coatings
Plant Mobilization

Another area that Rosson has compiled decades of experience in: the mobilization and management of coating facilities. Throughout the years we have taken equipment from one part of the world and set it up in another and assisted in producing a profitable venture.

Plant Mobilization & Installation
Plant Management
Project Management
Pipe Supply

Working with some of the highest capacity steel mills in the world, Rosson is able to source countless specifications of high quality steel pipe. Our suppliers manufacture some of the best steel pipe in the world, and their products can be found in many of the largest pipeline projects across the globe.

Seamless Pipe
Spiral Weld
Longitudinal Weld

Pipeline & Pipehandling Equipment

Rosson is currently working in cooperation with Italian manufacturer Goriziane SPA, in order to supply its highly regarded, broad range of pipeline and pipe handling equipment to customers throughout the Middle East and North Africa. Goriziane manufactures some of the most reliable and highly respected equipment in the pipeline industry, and their products can be found onboard vessels and in yards all across the world. Offering a large range of standard products that can be produced in short time, Gorziane is also capable of producing custom-design products to meet any customer's particular project needs.

Pipe Facing Machines
Pipe Bending Machines
Line-up Clamps
Custom-Designed Plants
Single / Double Joint
Fully Automated
Manually Operated

Automatic Welding

Rosson offers automatic welding services together with our partners Autoweld Systems, Ltd. Autoweld, started in 1995, has a successful track record of implementing high quality, cost-effective automatic welding systems solutions on projects located all across the globe. Autoweld has been tested and approved by multiple authorities in various countries throughout the world.

Internal Automatic Welding Systems
External Automatic Welding Systems
Pipeline Engineering Services

With our network of qualified engineers, we are able to fulfill virtually all requirements for engineering services in the pipeline industry.

Project Management
Front End Engineering & Design (FEED)
Due Diligence Studies
Engineering and Design
The activities represented on this page, are Rosson's main areas of service and expertise. However, we are continually growing and studying new techniques and industry trends. If you have any questions regarding services outside of what is seen here, please do not hesitate to contact us to see if we can lend a hand. If it involves pipelines, chances are we can help you out.